Falling leaves

You probably haven't faced frozen windows yet, but this likely won't take much longer.

Moreover, rein, wind and leaves on the road already create sufficient challenges...

That's why in these dark and cold months, we want to give you a few tips to act safely on the road.


First, human view is limited. sharp vision is only ensured in azone of 5 to 10° wide. So scan the road far and wide, to the left and to the right, especially in the dark.

Leaves on the road, wet cobbles, mud, ... Search actively for these catches, and don't brake or steer heavily in these areas.

Cruise control is good for your fuel consumption, but avoid it in heavy rain, deep puddles, blind bends, ...

Also prepare for the low sun. It can blind you (especially on wet roads). Carry sunglasses in your car.

Extra tip?

Think about using antifreeze windshield washer liquids when it gets colder. It keeps your windshield clean even in freezing and snowy conditions. A necessity for good visibility. Plus, antifreeze keeps the pipes from freezing.